Who we are

Our Team

Discover the passionate individuals spearheading the digital transformation of healthcare at Bask.

Zachary Dorf

CEO & Co-founder

Elias Dorf

President & Co-founder

Tim Opler, Ph.D.


Jonah Mink, MD

Clinicar Director

Kristen Frederick

Chief Financial Officer

Paulo Augusto Silva

Senior Engineer

Abdel Aziz Waheed

Senior Engineer

Pedro Mendes

Senior Engineer

Bryan Mingana

Design / UX Engineer

Who helps


Meet the esteemed advisors guiding our journey towards revolutionizing healthcare through digital innovation.

David Pernock

Growth Advisor

Jules Kaufman

Advisor - Counsel

Leena Das-Young, PharmD

Pharmaceutical Advisor

Andy Dannenberg, MD

Medical Advisor

Robert Altman